The RCIC is about our children becoming full members of the Catholic Church.   “RCICca” stands for the Rite of Initiation of Children (of Catechetical age)  The RCIC is a gift of the Lord to our children.  We can give many great gifts to our children. However, the greatest gift we have we too often take for granted, leave for someone else to do the giving, instead of searching for it ourselves, or as parents enabling our children to have the gift. This gift is the Gift of Faith.

Faith is a steady trust in God. A  coming to understand who Jesus is and what Jesus asks of us. Like many things of value, this gift does not come from a dollar shop but is only attained after a lot of hard work, and in many cases perseverance. The first or maybe second stage of this faith in God is membership in the Church. We become members of the Church through the Sacraments of Initiation.  These Sacraments are BAPTISM CONFIRMATION and COMMUNION.

The way we become members of the Church differs according to our needs and our age. A baby is baptised young and as s\he grows up and begins to understand more and more the other Sacraments of Initiation are entered into. They receive Confirmation and Eucharist when they reach the age of reason (about 7/8)

For a child who is of teaching age, the process is longer and more involved than for a babe in arms. With children who go to a secondary school, it is reasonable to suppose that they will come to faith in a way that is fitting for their age.

These meetings involve both Parents and Children.

What we are about is the Gift of Faith. Before we embark on this quest of discovery and gift giving we have to prepare ourselves. That is what the RCIC is all about. A journey of discovery, discovering our faith, so that when we, as adults and as children, come to celebrate the Sacraments that God gives us we will be well prepared.   It is important that both the parents and the children attend all the sessions, and make a serious attempt to complete the work modules that we give. If you cannot attend one of the sessions then we need to know so that we can arrange a time to meet and catch up on what we did at those sessions.

From the time of the Apostles, 2000 years ago, becoming a Catholic has been accomplished by a journey of initiation in stages. This journey may be covered rapidly or slowly, but certain elements will always be present. A time of the enquiry, a time of learning and conversion, a time of deepening one’s faith, A declaration of faith, Baptism itself, Confirmation, and admission to Holy Communion.

Some topics RCIC covers 

  1. Who am I, Who are we 
  2. Belonging to the Family of God 
  3. Baptism 
  4. Prayer 
  5. Sin and Sinfulness 
  6. Penance 
  7. The Holy Spirit 
  8. Confirmation 
  9. Gather, Learn, Share 
  10. Eucharist 
  11. Growing in God’s Family 
  12. Symbols of Baptism 
  13. The Mass 
  14. How to Prepare for Sunday Mass.
The Church as a disciple of Christ. 
“The Catholic Church belongs entirely to Christ. He is the Head of the Church, its Founder, its Spouse and Saviour. He continues to do His saving work in and through the Church. In the New Testament, we see His preparation for the Church, His promises concerning it, and the beginning of their rich fulfilment.” 
The Teaching of Christ p.186 (Ed. R.Lawler OFMcap) Our Sunday Visitor, Huntington IN, 1976. 
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