The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is the Premier way through which people become disciples of Jesus and enter the Catholic Church.

People join the Catholic Church through something we call the RCIA. Like all Acronyms, the letters can be daunting. However, it need not be so.

For some people, the process can be quite quick, in that they already know, love and follow Jesus, and are now coming home and into full communion with Jesus in His Church. 

For others, they may have been introduced to Jesus some time ago but have not met him since, and their journey to full faith and love has to be a little slower and longer.

For some, they may have only known Jesus as a swear word or some Xmas thing. For them, the journey of discovery and discipleship may well take a number of years. 

Whatever your situation, we extend an invitation to you to consider joining us as we journey to be with Christ in his Chuch. 

As with all invitations you are free to accept or decline. Beginning the RCIA does not mean you must complete it, some people decide after a while that they are not able to continue. Some leave and return either with us or with another parish of Catholic People.

The Initiation of Catechumens is a gradual process that takes place within the community of the faithful.

It is suited to a spiritual journey of adults that varies according to the many forms of God’s Grace, the free co-operation of the individuals, the action of the Church, and the circumstances of time and place.

Normally the sacraments themselves are celebrated at the Easter Vigil and the Rite of Election takes place on the First Sunday of Lent.

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