Infant Baptism


  1. Parents or primary caregivers attend a Baptism Preparation course. The process of initiation is fully explained to parents. It is important that families understand the responsibilities that go with asking to have their child Baptised. i.e. follow up within the family and bringing them up in the Catholic faith tradition.

  2. The candidates are prepared according to their age;
    • Babies and children under 2 ½ have no formal preparation.
    • Over 2 ½ – approximately 5 – the children come in with their parents and we explain what will happen in the ceremony and why. (Using very simple terms). The children are rehearsed -So that it doesn’t come as a surprise that water will be poured on their heads.
    • Children aged 5 -7 come in with their family and the ceremony is outlined. If they are capable they are given a unit of work which parents help them complete. If children are already at a Catholic school this backs up what is being taught at school. At this age group catechesis has to be done in relatively short sessions – usually immediately after school – this age group get too tired and don’t cope with evening sessions.

  3. From age 7-8 and upward the child and their parents attend the RCIC programme.

  4. Teenagers asking for Baptism go through a process very close to the Adult RCIA. From about 15 they are usually comfortable to attend adult RCIA sessions.